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Using the benefits of this book, you will have the tools to be able to apply & utilize the laws of leverage by effective lead generation and conversion. Systems, Processes and Technology will allow you grow to unheard of heights!

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About The Book

How to be a Real Marketer In the Luxury Market

STOP COLD CALLING & DOOR KNOCKING!! You CAN get dozens to hundreds of qualified buyers calling you, every month, without expensive advertising, and the exclusive system that will do this for you!

To Acheive more you must do less

GROW YOUR TEAM! It IS possible to ONLY do the parts of the job that you like and successfully delegate the rest. You will discover how to have a business like that with this Playbook!

BONUS: Lead Generate the Right Way

DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING: Top Marketing Pieces that compel prospects to give up their anonymity!

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  • Having worked with Jay in a professional category and through our coaching program for years, I have seen first hand how Jay and Michelle took their business to the amazing level it is at today and growing. I switched from my previous Remax office because Jay has the actual hands on knowledge and success to truly help and coach other agents. He is a great speaker and marketing and tech guru. He knows what works. As a national coach with a premier coaching program, Jay is by far the most knowledgeable Broker/Owner you will ever work with and he shares it all with his agents,


    Melanie Sanders

About The Author

My name is Jay Macklin and I am compelled by a vision to provide Benefits, Systems and Processes to Real Estate Agent so they can attract and build their buyer & seller business, and generate more sales then they ever had before. I'm determined to fulfill this vision with integrity and in a way that serves Platinum Living Realty's agents to the highest degree possible. 

Jay Macklin

Download this book and see why other agents are growing so fast!

Agents who have followed and used the Benefits that we offer have increased their business by over 106%! See why Platinum Living Realty is one of the fastest growing Real Estate companies in Arizona For More info on the details and inner workings of our systems and What we offer, Call 1-800-801-2960 ID# 820 (talk to no one)

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